Base A & B

Two component nutrient for the grow and flowering phase

Base A & B

Liquid nutrients - only for licensed producers.

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Base A & B




Detailed info

Dosage and use

Add a maximum of 2 ml Base A per liter of water (1:500). With every application of Base A use the same quantity of Base B. Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated.


Base A:
Nitrogen: 4.34%
K2O: 1.61%
Ca: 5.08%
Mg: 0.27%

Base B:
Nitrogen: 1.45%
P2O5: 3.94%
K2O: 7.2%
SO4: 4.16%
Mg: 1.0 %
Fe: 0.055%
Mn: 0.036%
Zn: 0.012%
Cu: 0.004%
B: 0.009%


20 L can, 1,000 L IBC.

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