Accelerates the flowering process

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Product information

PFA7 is a plant additive containing an enhancer that is designed to be used during the flowering phase. It shortens the cultivation cycle, improves plant molecule biosynthesis for flower formation and increases plant tolerance to both abiotic and biotic stress by nutritional contribution.

PFA7 is suitable for substrates as well as hydroponics and does not affect the pH value of the nutrient solution. This product is specifically developed for (licensed) professional cannabis cultivation and combines perfectly with our Base A & B and PFA15. PFA7 is free of PGR’s.

Only for licensed producers.

Dosage and use

Add 1L of PFA7 per 1,000 liter of water (1:1,000).


NPK fertilizer (0.4-2-1.2)


10 & 20 L can, 1,000L IBC




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