A rainbow in your home: Daria’s succulents

A wide range of multi-coloured plants, almost like a rainbow! That’s what the Instagram of Daria from Russia looks like. You’ll get instant happy vibes when looking at her page. We sure did! She chose the name Kaleidoplantia, which stands for kaleidoscope of plants and perfectly describes her page. We had a chat with her about her bright collection.


(kaleidoscope = noun.

Hi Daria! Colourful collection of plants you’ve got there! What’s your goal for growing them?

I’ve always wanted to have a green corner in my house. Mostly for decorative purposes at first. Nowadays I not only enjoy the looks of my plants, I actually started to like taking care of them actively. I enjoy spending time seeing how they grow big and healthy. They are a little bit like kids, haha. So my main goal is simply to keep them thriving! What would make me extra happy is making my own begonia or succulent hybrids. Maybe in the future…

You do actually sound like a proud plant mom! What are you growing right now?

I started my collection with succulents. Then I added houseplants such as Monsteras, Syngoniums, Philodendrons, Marantas, Calatheas, Begonias, Hoyas, Alocasias, Polypodiophyta and a couple of Anthuriums. Now that I finally have a small garden of my own, I also discovered flower and veggie gardening.

That sounds like quite a collection! How many are you growing exactly?

Is too many to count an answer? My plants are everywhere! They are sitting on my window sill, on top of my closet, on wall shelves, stacked on a special rack with artificial light, on the dining table, on the floor and on the table. I’ve got a garden now, I also have some plants outside. They are everywhere you might look.  If you start to count all of them I think you might end up somewhere over 400.

In how many time did you build up this empire and what are you planning on doing with it?

I came to live in the Netherlands in 2018. Since I didn’t have a job straight away, I started buying plants to spend my free time. Finally I could create this long-desired green corner! This had been a wish of mine for ages. This year will be my third season of growing plants. I want to love them, grow them, propagate them and share them. Also some of them will be eaten!

Since when are you using Plagron products and where did you first hear of us?

I first heard of you guys on Instagram, where my plant friends were using Plagron products. I just recently started using them, about two months ago I think. But I can already firmly say I’ll stay with your brand. I used to buy substrates of various brands in garden centres. Every time I would pick a different kind, since I couldn’t find one I was completely happy with. Now I am finally satisfied with the results I’m getting.

Good to hear you are happy about our products! Which one’s are you using exactly? And why?

I’ve tried Lightmix for my houseplants and Seeding & Cutting Soil for the succulents. I also am using Terra Grow and Terra Bloom fertilisers and the additives Green Sensation and Power Roots. Perlite is definitely a must-have too!

For succulents I prefer an airy substrate with as little components as possible. In order to accomplish this, I  used to sift my substrates before using them. I also added lots of mineral components. Now I just grab Seeding & Cutting Soil, mix it with Perlite and I am ready to pot!

Are there any Plagron products you’d like to try in the future?

Since I am so happy with what I’ve tried so far, I am very curious for other products of course. I would love to try some other substrate for my houseplants, just to compare what it will do. Especially Sugar Royal for my veggie garden would be nice. I also would like to try your Seedbooster Plus once I cross any begonias or succulents.

What is your most unique, expensive or weird plant?

Once I pulled a rotten dieffenbachia out of a trash bin inside a garden centre. The staff didn’t appreciate my move but still let me take it home and try to save it. Personally, I love my collection for the diversity of species in it. I think everyone will be able to find one they really like!

What are you hoping for next time we check on you?

I am moving most of my succulent collection in your Lightmix substrate and bigger pots. That’s a try out for me. Next time you check on me I hope to have more huge ass succulents here!

Do you also have a great plant collection or cool grow story to share? Let us know and we may feature you next! Send us an Instagram DM or mail to servicedesk@plagron.com. And don’t forget to check out Daria's Instagram!