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Whether you’re a passionate home grower or a licensed producer: we’ve got the right products for your grow. In addition to our four lines of base nutrients, you can choose from a wide range of additives that each have their unique effects. And we’re there to guide you every step of the way. That’s our promise: to do everything to empower you, the passionate grower, to achieve legendary results. Here’s how.


There are people that even we look up to. Because they are walking books of knowledge, make a success of the craziest grows or pull off the most extreme stunts. We’re honoured to support these legends in their missions. They deserve the spotlight. And we’re happy to oblige.

Corentin Desbois

Meet Corentin Desbois: This 39 year old owner of two grow shops loves to ride his snowscoot downhill in Pra Loup, one of France’s biggest ski resorts. His fascination for extreme sports arose at a very young age, so he became a fanatical BMX rider. But then one day, he discovered a picture of a snowscoot in a BMX magazine. It was on that day that a boy lost his heart.

“I went straight up to my parents to tell them I needed to ride this thing.” At the age of just 13, he had fallen head over heels with what soon became his biggest passion: riding the snowscoot. Now he has a single goal: becoming the fastest human on the planet without the use of an engine. Since we empower the passionate to become legendary, we support him through this journey.

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Gerjan Puttenstein

It all started with a small vegetable garden that soon grew out of hand. Now, Gerjan's parents have already had to sacrifice their car parking space, their shed and their bushes for their son's hobby. The young Gerjan from Weezep likes to grow pumpkins. Giant pumpkins, more specifically. Pumpkins so big they can only be transported on a trailer. They can grow up to 600 kg!

Each year, Gerjan is setting a new goal for the Dutch championship for growing pumpkins. Again and again he tries to push his giants further. With the coaching from Plagron's Grow Experts, he has been achieving astounding results.

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