Where do I buy my grow supplies?

Growing outdoors for beginners. Where should I look? In previous topics, you’ve read a lot about the things you’ll need for your outdoor cultivation. Once you’ve gotten sorted out what you’re going to need, you’ll need to figure out where to buy your stuff.

The garden center is your friend

Most of the things mentioned in this document can be purchased out your local garden center. You’ll find grow boxes with seed trays, suitable pots and all kinds of garden tools in every variety. If you can’t see the forest for the trees, you can always ask the employees for advice.


You can buy seeds for most species and varieties of plants in gardening shops, garden centers and web shops. Be sure to find out in advance if you want specific characteristics and which variety you need to buy for those. You’ll find plenty of information on forums about this. Don’t forget that there might be special offers, so you can get more seeds for your money. Some plants have specific varieties that are better suited for growing outside. This is especially important if you want to move your plants outside early, like halfway through May. That early in the year might still have frost above ground and your seeds not to be able to withstand this. So be careful to buy the correct variety of seeds if you’re planning to plant early.


You can buy Seeding and Cutting Soil (and later potting soil) at the garden center. If you’re growing in open ground, this is not a bad option at all. But if you do choose to grow in pots, we advise you to buy a specialised substrate. Plagron offers a range of base nutrients, substrates and additives that are suitable for any experience level and goal. 


Be sure that your pots are suited to growing outdoors and that they have enough drainage holes in the underside. The substrate needs to be able to shed excess water, after all. You can enhance drainage by putting a layer of perlite or pottery at the very bottom of your pots. This is a good low cost alternatives.

Grow styles

Take care not to mix organic and mineral products. It’s not a disaster if you do, but take into account that these products are respectively focused on different goals. If you mix organic and mineral, your nutrition will no longer be in harmony with the substrate and you will most likely not get the optimal result. Plagron’s products have grow style names and colours, so you can identify which nutrient goes with which substrates. Alga Grow and Alga Bloom are meant to be combined with 100% NATURAL substrates and Terra Grow and Terra Bloom with 100% TERRA. This comes down to a choice between quality of harvest or a high yield.


If you can’t find a shop that carries our products near you, use our Shoplocator. Enter your location (zip code or city) in the text box and our Shoplocator will show you where to find your nearest Plagron reseller or Plagron shop. Please note that our Shoplocator only displays shops in the country you’re currently located in. Send an email to servicedesk@plagron.com if you’re looking for a shop in different country.