What are the advantages of PK13-14?

PK 13-14 is an enhancer for use during your plant's flowering phase. This product offers a high concentration of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). But what does it do exactly?


The short answer is that PK 13-14 ensures more and larger fruits. In the flowering phase the plant starts creating fruits. The phosphorus in PK 13-14 helps your plant create more flowers. Next, the potassium helps these flowers develop into large, firm fruits. This makes PK 13-14 an ideal product if you have a plant whose fruits you consume. Tip: PK 13-14 is easily combined with Sugar Royal. This means you will not just have a larger yield, but also a better taste.

PK 13-14 is a mineral fertiliser. As such, the nutrients are directly absorbed by the plants. Because of this, you will see quick results when using PK 13-14. You can also store your nutrient solution longer when compared to organic fertilisers. PK 13-14 can be used on every substrate and with all base nutrients.

PK 13-14 is available in multiple units of measurement. Whether you're growing on a small or large scale, we always offer you a size that fits your situation. PK 13-14 is available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre bottles and additionally in 5 litre cans. Click here for the shop closest to you!