Which grow style to use?

You just started growing and the amount of substrates, base nutrients and additives overwhelms you. Which works best for your grow? All our products are divided into four grow styles. You can combine any of these grow styles with all our UNIVERSAL products. Each grow style has its own colour. Decide in advance what you want to achieve with your culture and how much time and effort you're willing to spend. We'll then tell you which of our four grow styles fits your situation best.

Green: 100% NATURAL

Do you prefer end products with the best smell and taste? Then our 100% NATURAL grow style is the right choice for you. All substrates and fertilisers in this grow style are fully organic. This grow style consists of multiple substrates and the base nutrients Alga Grow and Alga Bloom. These are fertilisers based on algae. They ensure a healthy growth and flowering of your plants, respectively. Because you grow organic with our 100% NATURAL products, you don't need to measure the pH or EC values.

Red: 100% TERRA

With our 100% TERRA grow style you can quickly achieve a good result. You have a lot of flexibility when using this grow style. This means you can grow at your own insights. With the base nutrients Terra Grow and Terra Bloom your plants will grow effectively. You can also expect a higher yield. Both base nutrients contain mineral nutrients that your plant can absorb directly. Your plant will easily, quickly and safely grow into a healthy plant.

Orange: 100% COCO

With this grow style you can grow hydroponic on coco. Our 100% COCO products help you closely match your plant’s needs, while also remaining forgiving in use. Our coco substrates are among the purest and best rinsed substrates on the market. Coco substrates hold water for less time than peat substrates. At the same time they remain airy. This makes it easier to optimise your irrigation strategy. With a coco substrate, you won't have to worry about fluctuations in the pH value. They are also easy to reuse. No matter which coco substrate you use, Cocos A & B is always a perfect match.

Blue: 100% HYDRO

Do you want to have total control over your hydrological culture? With our 100% HYDRO products you are responsible for the pH and EC values. This means you also decide the exact amount of nutrients that your plant receives. As such, you can very specifically meet your chosen plant's demands. This makes 100% HYDRO best suited for experienced growers. We advise that you know how to measure and adjust the pH value. The same goes for the EC value. Using 100% HYDRO is labour intensive, but it also offers the best possible results. Our 100% HYDRO range consists of a substrate (Euro Pebbles) and matching base nutrient (Hydro A & B).

Which grow style to use? - video

Rather watch a video? We made one for you with a simple explanation without too many technical details. Click here to watch it.