The newest member of the Plagron Spain Team: El Legendario

November 10, 2023

Remember Brammetje? Our old mascot was so popular we saw people make him into stuffed animals and even tattoo him on their arm. Yet we wanted to be more professional, and so we retired Brammetje. We thought we could do without him. We were wrong. But when we asked him to return, Brammetje told us that "retirement is too much fun" and to "go find someone else". So we did. We're proud to introduce the newest member to the Plagron Spain Team: El Legendario.


This owl has been growing for over thirty years. Trial and error, help from other growers and self-education have made him the grower he is today. Packed with experience, he’s become a legend in the field. A legend willing to share all he’s learned with other growers so that they can become legends in their own right.

No matter whether you’re just getting started or are already well on your way to becoming a growing legend yourself: El Legendario is here to empower you with tips and tricks that fit your skills and situation. He’s your friend, your family, and the grow legends you look up to. He’s what you too can become with a little help and guidance.

So anytime you’re stuck or not sure what the best move is: just check in with El Legendario. He’s the man owl, who’ll put you on the road to legendary results.