Cocos Slab

Hydroponic growing on a buffered and washed coco substrate

Plagron Cocos Slab is the ideal substrate for growers who prefer to use a pure and natural product. It is natural and completely buffered, in contrary to other hydroponic substrates. Cocos Slab has a high water retention capacity so you can give less water. Cocos Slab meets the most stringent quality standards, does not contain any fertilizers and is suitable for all types of liquid nutrients. Cocos Slab produces the highest yields in combination with Plagron Cocos A&B and the additives from Plagron. Our Cocos Slab carries the RHP quality mark.

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Cocos Slab is easy to use because you can grow your plant directly in the slab. This is because Cocos Slab is especially pre-shaped for proportional root growth and has ready-made drainage holes.

Cocos Slab is a fully buffered coconut substrate with a stable pH value. Unique about the Plagron coconut substrates, is that they are more buffered than comparable products. Unwanted salts are flushed out during several buffering steps. This guarantees that the nutrients in, for example, Cocos A & B can be absorbed under optimum conditions.

Because Cocos Slab is fully flushed and buffered, a low EC value is guaranteed. Therefore, it is a given that you are growing with a coconut substrate that is clean and pure. All unwanted salts have been flushed out during several buffering steps. This prevents your plant from having problems absorbing nutrients during growth and flowering. When you give your plant Cocos A & B in the right dosage, it can be absorbed by the plant properly. Because of the low initial EC-value, a calcium deficiency is prevented. For the correct dosage download our standard 100% COCO growing schedule.

The high quality of the Plagron coconut substrates is confirmed by the RHP quality mark. The RHP quality mark guarantees the correct quality requirements and sustainable origin of the substrate. For example, Cocos Slab has an excellent water retention and is free of sand, weeds and pathogens. This means that Plagron coconut substrates are clean and pure, and you can use them safely without risk to your grow.

Detailed info

Dosage and use

Shake off the Cocos Slab well before use. Make sure the bottom of the Cocos Slab has sufficient drainage holes. Place the plants in the Cocos Slab. Add nutrients each time you water.


Buffered coco peat, buffered coco fibres.

EC 0.09 - 0.14
E.C. (1:1.5) [mS/cm]


12 L bag.

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After a bad harvest, you should take into account that part of the nutrition dosed has not been absorbed by the plants. This means that the substrate cannot be re-used. It is best to change the Cocos Slabs in any case after six months.

Depending on your tap water quality, the pH buffer in our Cocos Slab will be used up quicker or slower. The Cocos Slab can be used for growing for six months at least without any problems.

No, the Cocos Slab has already been rinsed and buffered in accordance with the highest standards. You can start potting your plants immediately.

You should start watering with a nutrient solution of Cocos A & B from day one.
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