Fish Force

For rapid growth, green leaves and high resistance

Fish Force is a fish-based plant nutrient for plants in the grow phase. This growth supplement promotes rapid growth, green leaves and high resistance. Fish Force is rich in nitrogen, amino acids and vitamins.

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Detailed info

Dosage and use

Shake well before use. Add 10 ml Fish Force per liter water (1:100). Use this nutrient solution once a week during the grow phase.

Fish Force is suitable for all peat and coco substrates. When using an irrigation system, flush the pipes after use.

ATTENTION: This product is of organic origin and therefore not suitable for hydroponic cultivation methods, such as nutrient film technique (NFT), deep water culture (DWC) and aeroponics.


NPK fertilizer (3-6-2).


1 L bottle and 5 L can.

Some sizes may not be available in all countries.

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NO! Fish Force should absolutely not be administered to fish or other animals. The name might be confusing, but this product is intended solely as plant nutrition.

No, this is normal and is not harmful for your plants. This is caused by the organic ingredients in Fish Force. After the product has been dissolved in water, a natural bacterial process starts after a while. This causes the smell and can make your solution look cloudy. This does not have any adverse effects on your plants. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at

We recommend using Fish Force in the grow phase. This is because Fish Force is rich in the vitamins, amino acids and nitrogen a plant needs in this phase.
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