Pure Zym

Accelerates the decomposition of plant residues

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Product information

Pure Zym is a soil improver based on natural enzymes. It promotes the accelerated breakdown of dead plant material. This causes additional nutrients that stimulate soil life to be released. Pure Zym also increases the ability to absorb oxygen.


In our new formula, we added a greater variety of enzymes which speed up and improve the process to break down dead plant material. This allows the plant to absorb the dead plant material even faster and better than before.

Dosage and use

Shake well before use. Add 1 ml Pure Zym per liter water (1:1,000). Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated during the entire cultivation period.

Pure Zym is suitable for all substrates. 

ATTENTION: This product is not suitable for hydroponic cultivation methods, such as nutrient film technique (NFT), deep water culture (DWC) and aeroponics.


Stabilised enzyme solution.


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 L bottle and 5 L, 10 L & 20 L can.

Some sizes may not be available in all countries.

Yes, that’s possible. Enzymes do better in an organic environment. So Pure Zym is ideal for combining with Alga Grow and Alga Bloom.

No, this is normal and is not harmful for your plants. This is caused by the organic ingredients in Pure Zym. After the product has been dissolved in water, a natural bacterial process starts after a while. This causes the smell and can make your solution look cloudy. This does not have any adverse effects on your plants. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at servicedesk@plagron.com.

Pure Zym

Product video

The plant residues that break down near your root environment, create space for nutrient absorption.

Because the mixing ratio is 1:1,000, Pure Zym is very easy to use.