Sugar Royal

For the best experience in taste and smell

Sugar Royal is an enhancer, with the main goal to get an improved taste and smell of the end product. There are 20 different essential amino acids, all of which a plant can naturally produce. However, synthesizing these amino acids consumes a significant amount of the plant's energy and nutrients. Sugar Royal supplies a unique blend of 18 different amino acids, relieving the plant from the burden of producing these compounds on its own. This conservation of energy and nutrients leads to a reduced risk of nutrient deficiencies, which results in a higher end quality (better taste and smell). 

To develop even more taste and smell for the end product, terpenes are needed. Each terpene has its own structure and smell, the more terpenes, the better the taste and aromas. Enzymes and precursors are essential for the creation of terpenes, both are formed by amino acids. Thanks to the mix of amino acids in Sugar Royal, we create a surplus of enzymes and precursors. This stimulates terpene production. Result: an excellent outcome in terms of taste and smell of the end product.

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With the mix of 18 different amino acids provided by Sugar Royal, we stimulate terpene production. The more terpenes, the better the taste of your end product. Additionally, amino acids serve as food for soil life. A fertile soil that is rich in organic material also contributes to an improved taste of the final product. 

Since amino acids contribute to the formation of terpenes, it also means the production of aromatic compounds such as essential oils are stimulated. Amino acids also serve as food for the microorganisms in the soil, improving the soil structure and the health of the root zone. The quality of the soil influences the health of the plant and thereby the development of aromatic compounds. Together this leads to an enhanced aroma of the final product. 

Detailed info

Dosage and use

Shake well before use. Add a maximum of 1 ml Sugar Royal per liter water (1:1,000). Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated during the entire cultivation period.

Sugar Royal is suitable for all peat and coco substrates. When using an irrigation system, flush the pipes after use.

ATTENTION: This product is of organic origin and therefore not suitable for hydroponic cultivation methods, such as nutrient film technique (NFT), deep water culture (DWC) and aeroponics.


NPK fertilizer (8-0-0).


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 L bottle and 5 L, 10 L & 20 L can.

Some sizes may not be available in all countries.

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Yes, this is possible. Sugar Royal does not work the same as the flowering stimulator in Green Sensation.

Yes, you can spray the leaves with Sugar Royal. Combining Sugar Royal and Vita Race is possible. However, we advise not spraying the leaves and flowers with these products after the third week of the flowering phase. Otherwise, these products may influence the taste of the end product.

No, this is normal and is not harmful for your plants. This is caused by the organic ingredients in Sugar Royal. After the product has been dissolved in water, a natural bacterial process starts after a while. This causes the smell and can make your solution look cloudy. This does not have any adverse effects on your plants. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at
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