Improving health and sharing knowledge with Rosalien

Did you know plants help improve your health? Today, we’re talking with Rosalien, known as greeny_lab on Instagram. She got into plants a few years back to add structure to her life. Combining her love for plants with her awesome photography skills made an Instagram page a logical next step. We noticed she tagged us a couple of times and immediately fell in love with her pictures. When we got to talking, we learned that she's not just about pretty pictures. Want to know what else she has in mind? Keep reading!


Hi Rosalien! Great collection! What are you hoping to achieve with it?

My goal is to grow healthy, perfect plants. This includes nice green leaves, no crispy edges and a strong root system. I grow plants because I find them beautiful, and they improve the ambiance in my house. But there’s also a more important goal! I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the past few years, and I want to share it with other people. This way, they too can enjoy beautiful plants like I do. Seeing their results on Instagram is so rewarding!

So how many plants are you growing right now? 

Oh dear! Tough question. I stopped counting a long time ago, so you can imagine how much there are! I’ve dedicated one room in my house to my plants. There’s also a sizable collection scattered throughout the house. If I’d have to estimate, I’d say I have about 150 plants. That’s including cuttings and seedlings. But it could easily be more! Most of them are Alocasias and Philodendrons, but I love Rhaphidophora too. And recently, I started growing Syngoniums as well. They fit into my collection perfectly!

With so many plants it must be hard to pick a favourite!

Absolutely! I really can’t choose, so I’d have to let my Alocasia frydek and Philodendron tortum share the top spot. I also like how some plants are just strange. Take my Philodendron tripartitum for instance. Somehow it always grows crooked and in the wrong way, but I still love it!

How long have you been doing this?

As a child, I used to grow tomato plants with my grandfather and I was immediately hooked! I never lost my passion, but it took until about 2.5 years ago before I really got into houseplants. I needed structure in my daily routine and taking care of plants really helped with that. After that, things quickly got out of hand!

How did you first learn about us?

Via Instagram! I was looking for good nutrition and found it very difficult to decide which one was the best. Your grow experts really took the time to help me out and explain everything to me. They really took a look at my specific situation, which I really appreciated. Knowing which products to use and when made the choice to start using Plagron easy for me! I’ve been using your products for over a year now and I’m still very satisfied. I was looking for quality products and you definitely delivered.

Which products are you using at the moment?

I’m currently using Alga Grow as my base nutrient. Then there’s Power Roots to make sure my plants get a large and healthy root system. I also use Green Sensation to help my flowering plants develop the best flowers possible. Finally, I use Sugar Royal for its amino acids. These acids help my plants deal with all kinds of stress they get exposed too. This means my plants can focus on becoming beautiful instead of having to deal with stress!

Are there any other products you’d like to try in the future?

I’m always looking to try new methods of growing! The other day I started using your Cocos with perlite for some of my plants. To get the most out of this, I’m also using Cocos A&B. I hope that this substrate will have good drainage and provide a good base for the roots to grow into.

What are you hoping for the next time we will check out your grow? 

More plants! I’m always hoping for more plants. More room might be nice, too! And of course, I want all the plants I already have to get lots of new and healthy leafs.

Do you also have a great plant collection or cool grow story to share? Let us know and we may feature you next! Send us an Instagram DM or mail to And don’t forget to check out Rosalien’s Instagram!