What does a plant need in the grow phase?

Growing outdoors for beginners. Plants have different requirements in every new phase of their lives. As they get taller, they can also use a little of support and they will want to grow into all kinds of shapes you don’t want. So that means, feeding, supporting and pruning.


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Nutrients to grow on.

There are two big elements that are true building block for your plants: nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). Both of these are present in higher doses in Alga Grow base nutrients for the grow phase.

A prefertilized soil like our Batmix contains these building blocks in good doses. But if you’re growing in open ground without a fertilized substrate, you can help with a grow nutrient. Our base nutrient Alga Grow has an NPK ratio of 4-2-4, which means there’s four percent nitrogen, two percent phosphorus and four percent of potassium in it. That means your plant will have enough of these important elements to sustain fast growth.


Many fruit bearing plants will start to bend as they get taller and heavier. You can help them by putting a stick in the ground next to them and fixing the plant to the stick with stretchable string. You can also use zip ties, but be careful not to tighten them too much. If the ties are too tight, the thickening plant stem will grow around the ties and might get a wound in that spot.


There are some pruning techniques that control the growth direction of your plant and help it to focus.