Plagron R&D: Where the magic happens

November 10, 2023

Our in-house R&D department is where the magic happens. It’s where we make sure your product is always of the absolute highest quality. Where we develop new recipes, products and solutions that you’ve asked for – or didn’t even know you wanted.

Plagron R&D: Where the magic happens

Quality and control

It’s not just our in-house R&D department that makes sure our products are always of perfect quality. They work in tandem with our registration department, which is also located at our HQ in Ospel. Together, they ensure all our products meet all the highest worldwide quality and safety standards. We carefully guard the information on the labels as well, making sure it always matches local laws and regulations.

Every single batch of raw materials is checked meticulously for deviations before it’s cleared for use in production. Of course, the same goes for every single product batch that leaves our HQ. If you’re ever unsure about product quality, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll check your batch code against the batch sample we’ve got in storage and can tell you what’s what within hours.

Upgrades and innovation

Our grow experts and account managers keep an ear to the ground and know what you, the customer, want. Combine that with all the trends and developments that our R&D department keeps an eye on, and you’ve got a solid base for continuous improvement. And there’s a lot of different ways to improve.

First and foremost, R&D develops new products that we know you want. These developments start as a little seed, an idea. We then let this idea germinate and enter the growth phase. This is when we try different formulas to find one that works in an optimal, safe and cost-effective way. Next: the flowering phase. The time has come to test all our different formulas in our in-house grow room. We carefully check their effects, their optimal use and how they cooperate with our other products. Eventually, we settle on a definitive version of our brand-new product. Time for everyone’s favourite part of growing: seeing others enjoy your harvest.

But that’s not all that happens in our grow room. We also continuously run tests with updated formulas. Sometimes, a small change can mean much better results. Other times, there’s a way to make a product more efficient and more cost-effective to use. And of course, we find a way for our products to work together even better – just take a look at what our best buds Green Sensation and Sugar Royal can do when combined.

Now, this is not something we do alone. We work together with partners like research centres, think tanks, universities and branch organisations both foreign and domestic. This way, we can always back up our promises with peer reviews.